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Teenagers with 'little hope' commit more crimes

Written By kom nampultig on Senin, 21 April 2014 | 18.47

In what could explain the alarming rate of rise in serious offences by teenagers, including rape and murder, researchers have found that teenagers who anticipate early death are more likely to commit crimes.

Having little hope for the future encourages offending over time, the study said.

"In a lot of distressed communities and for a lot of offenders, they don't see a future," said Alex Piquero, a professor of criminology at University of Texas at Dallas, US.

The youths' perceptions about how long they would live also impacted how they interpreted the consequences of offending, said the study.

Teenagers who anticipated early death were more likely to focus on "the here and the now", Piquero said.

They are impulsive; they do not think about the risks of their behaviour, said the study.

For the study, Piquero began by asking the offenders, approximately 16 years old, their thoughts on when they would die.

Those who said they would live longer were more likely to have controlled their impulses, said the study.

The study appeared in the journal Justice Quarterly.

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Get rid of stretch marks, the natural way

Be it post pregnancy marks or those lines that you get after losing weight — stretch marks are definitely something that women want to get rid off.

While there are several creams available in the market for the purpose, it is best to use natural remedies to remove stretch marks. We offer some tips:

-Vitamin E oil is supposed to be one of the best remedies to remove stretch marks. Apply it twice a day and you will see the marks fading away.

-Cocoa butter also helps reduce stretch marks. Though it might take some time for the results to show, they do help.

-Lemon juice also helps cure stretch marks. Apply lemon juice on the specific areas and leave it on for about 10 minutes, before you wash.

-Rubbing egg whites on affected areas also help in diminishing the stretch marks.

-Lastly, use a good moisturizing cream on the affected areas every day. A dry skin might make them itchy and applying a moisturizing cream can help you get rid of the problem.

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Tests don't tell severity of prostate cancer

Scientists have revealed that prostate cancer tests, which predict how aggressive a tumour is, underestimate the severity of the disease in half of the cases.

In the study of 847 men with prostate cancer, 209 out of the 415 who were initially told their cancer was slow-growing, were found to have a more aggressive form of the disease, the BBC reported.

And for almost a third of the 415 men, it had spread beyond the prostate.

Scientists are calling for better tests to define the nature of the cancer.

For this study, scientists at the University of Cambridge graded the men's cancer before and after they had surgery, between 2007 and 2011.

Study author Greg Shaw, a urological surgeon at the University of Cambridge, said there were a "surprising" number of men who were not diagnosed appropriately the first time around.

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7 best foods for weight loss

If you've been striving to lose weight and haven't been able to do so, here's how you can...

Lose weight faster. Even if you are dieting, chances are that you are wondering what to eat, to boost your weight loss. We select seven foods for you that will help you shed those pounds faster than you've thought.

1. Almonds: Did you know that these nuts are packed with the best nutrients and vitamins? Just a handful of almonds will give you the right boost of energy and will also keep hunger pangs at bay. Avoid the ones that are coated with chocolate or salt.

2. Apples: We all know how an apple a day will keep the doctor away, but do you also know that it helps keep fat at bay too? Apples are said to contain four to five grams of fiber per serving, so they are sweet as well as crunchy and keeps you full for a long time. They also contain antioxidants which add essential vitamins and minerals in your body.

3. Avocado: Though they are known to be fatty, but you need not worry. Avocados are loaded with fiber and proteins and helps in weight loss. They contain 'good' monosaturated fats that keeps you full for a long time.

4. Bell Peppers: Red, yellow or green - you can choose any, bell peppers contain vitamin C, and gives you the right amount of vitamins. You can have them raw, as a salad or in a bowl of soup.

5. Cinnamon: Instead of adding sugar to your beverages or meals, try adding a pinch of cinnamon for increased energy and a slower release of insulin in your system. Cinnamon has a sweet taste and is completely guilt-free.

6. Eggs: If you are having egg whites, you are surely going to lose oodles of weight. They contain proteins and keeps you feeling full for a long time. Thus egg whites are said to be the best choice for breakfast.

7. Quinoa: If you are craving carbs during your lunch or dinner hours, you can always go in for quinoa. Said to be an alternative for rice, it's rich in proteins and fiber and is a wonderful food that aids in weight loss.

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Women only go for a guy's looks?

According to a new research, when looking for a potential partner, women tend to be more shallow than men — they go for a guy's appearance rather than his nature. We ask women if they agree...

Men are often accused of being superficial; of choosing women on the basis of how they look rather than who they are. However, if the findings of a recent survey are to be believed, women are equally, if not more, guilty of being superficial when it comes to picking a 'potential date'.

What the survey says...
The survey was conducted by an international dating service to find out what men and women find most desirable in a potential date. Flabby abs was a massive no for women; they wanted their men in shape, by playing sports such as kick-boxing and bodybuilding. Women also preferred men who were sensitive and wanted to have children in the future. On the other hand, men weren't as concerned about physical appearance as they were about how much skin is on the show. Men admitted that women are most likely to get their attention by flashing some leg or cleavage, regardless of how slim or attractive they are. So, are women as shallow as the survey indicates? We asked a few of them and this is what they had to say.

'Women want no-strings attached relationships'
Neha Manek, a media professional, says, "This survey signals a paradigm shift in how women view men. For so many centuries, women had to have a man to validate their existence. They were considered ugly losers if they hadn't found a man. They needed a man to support them financially. Now, we can earn and buy our own homes. Women have begun to realise that not everything has to be practical and functional. Just as men have wanted attractive women for pleasure, women now seek attractive men. Also, more women are indulging in casual sex these days. Financial status and IQ are not that important in such relationships."

She adds, "The way blonde and busty women were looked upon as toys, cute, dimpled men are now seen as amusing accessories. I think women still hope that their relationships will last long — compared to men — but a lot of women are just looking for companionship and a little fun, with not many strings attached. So, they just need the guy to be good-looking." Zia Shah, an advertising professional, disagrees with the survey. She says, "While looks are important, that is not the only thing that attracts me to a man. Personality also plays an important role."

Are views changing?
Varkha Chulani, clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, feels attitudes are changing. She says a woman's selection criteria — when it comes to dating — is dependent on her ultimate goal. "If a woman only wants to date and not consider a long-term relationship, she will look for an arm candy. But, if she wants to consider marriage, in all likelihood, there will be more to consider than just good looks. So, her goal would determine her choice. The world today judges a book by its cover. Fitness, sculpted bodies, etc. carry a 'visual' value, even if only to create the first impression," she says. Chulani adds, "To that extent, the survey may be indicative of a trend that is slowly emerging. Be it products or people, there is a shift towards packaging and presentation. Doesn't matter what's inside as long as there is a 'wow' factor to create that first impression. Even for men, having a svelte and sophisticated woman by their side would do them good. There would be a problem only if you desire something 'more'. Beauty alone won't hold good for long-term relationship."

Psychiatrist Anjali Chhabria, however, says people who make superficial choices are often plagued with complex emotional concerns. She explains, "This may not be true of all women. If they focus only on looks, they may be suffering from some complexes or emotional concerns. Looks cannot be the only criteria — attraction does not remain the same after the honeymoon phase.

Some girls, who may be society-conscious, may find it safe to be with a man who is presentable and may either match her status — or even elevate it. Some others, who may have apprehensions about commitment, would feel safer to be with a man who looks good and can be controlled, without fearing rejection. Relationships based only on outward appearance may be shallow and short-termed. Such a relationship may make the man feel 'used'."


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How to grow potatoes

Written By kom nampultig on Minggu, 20 April 2014 | 18.47

Simple to grow and delicious to eat, learn how to grow potatoes

They are vastly grown and loved by all, eaten globally. Here's how you can grow your own potatoes.

-As opposed to popular belief, soaking potatoes seeds is never a great idea. They rot. So leave your bought seeds dry.
-You can plant your seeds in a planter or a patch by preparing and loosening the soil and enriching them with manure.
-Potatoes need a lot of sunshine but a little cold at night is good as well, to destroy the pests. The seeds should be planted an inch below the soil.
-Regular and uniform watering is required to grow potatoes. If you find the small leaves wilting, your plants need more water or else you might end up with black potatoes.
-Weed them regularly. Potatoes tend to need more weeding than other plants.
-Harvest them and enjoy!

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Top summer shoe rules for men

It's not just the ladies, men too can get vain when it comes to their shoe choices.

Don't scoff at someone who might wear neon flip-flops as that's the colour trend of the season. And don't balk at another guy who might put away those dark shoes for light ones, this time. The idea of 'summer shoes' does exist it men's fashion vocabulary. It's not so much to do with colour, but with being comfortable in the footwear, this season. Here are the norms to follow:

Out go the laces: Heavy laced-up footwear has no place right now. Instead, go for roomy floaters which give you more room to breathe. These are great for walking about too.

Try slip-ons: The slip-on dress shoe is increasingly being worn both to formal and informal dos. It's easy to wear them and works best for a social event.

Going colour-pop: The bright hue is big on clothes and accessories so can shoes be far behind? Complete your look with bright orange sneakers or slip-ons with cream trousers or bright purple with denim. It's eye-catching and cool.

Two-tones: These were big on the ramp last year and now, two-tone brogues are set to dominate the summer as well. Wear them linen trousers.

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Read my zip

A dress from Netherlands goes see-through when you are turned on. Will it have takers in Mumbai?

Imagine this: You are at an office party. The colleague you have the hots for walks in. In a matter of seconds, your dress turns seethrough. Best thing to happen or worst nightmare?

Netherlands-based Studio Roosegaarde has invented a futuristic dress that they call Intimacy 2.0. This number is quite in sync with your hormones, turning transparent when your heart races during a turn-on moment. It has strategically placed leather strips that are embedded with electronic-foils around the bust area. Underneath the garment, tiny invisible sensors detect changes in your body temperature and heart rate to allow the dress to change colour. Unfortunately, since it detects physical changes in the wearer's body, even excitement, fear and anxiety can cause the same effect.

Its designer Daan Roosegaarde hopes to have pieces out in the market. Will it have takers?

How to tell if someone's into you (Without the dress)

Chances that your date will turn up in Intimacy 2.0 on your night out, are, well, slim. Here's an old-school guide to figuring if you can go past the goodnight kiss.

For the guys

The hair toss: Women toy with their hair when interacting with men they like. But if the twirling is consistent, there's a chance she is not certain about you yet.

The brush: This one has to be tackled with supreme subtlety. But if she brushes her arm against yours, touches you lightly on the shoulder or simply moves her chair/ stool closer to you, you stand a chance.

The distance: If she is sitting, facing you and her arms are not crossed (leaning towards you), there's a chance she may want to reduce the distance between the two of you.

For the ladies

Tough talk: Men show off their skills to impress women. This could mean talking about how gruelling the day's workout was. If he looks at you for a reaction, there may be something brewing.

Keeping pace: Research shows that when a man is walking with a woman he is attracted to, he slows down or increases his pace to match hers. Test him. Go for a walk.

The lip part: Check to see if his lips part when you are in the middle of a cosy conversation.

The 3-second rule: Research says humans hold eye contact for 3 seconds or more if they are sexually interested in someone (or wish to kill them). If it's not the latter, you are on the right road.

'Bad idea!' Vinnat vazirani, 24 (Marketing head at a kids' furniture store)
This country doesn't appreciate discussing sexual feelings. It's still not okay to get intimate on your first date, and this is a dress that says, bring it on! You can't wear it in public, not even at a club, even if the wearer is someone who is comfortable with her body.

'It'll ruin the mystery' Neel Bagchi, 23 (Sales and marketing professional)
It may work in tiny social circles, but it's still going to raise a few eyebrows. I do find the concept of the turn-on 'signal' interesting. Perhaps something less daunting, like a ring that changes colour, might be a better option. I wouldn't want my date to wear the dress. Figuring if a woman is interested is the fun part of meeting someone new. This one ruins the mystery.

'I'd rather use my eyes' Teena Singh, 25 (Actor and art/music curator)
To each his own, of course. So, while the concept is interesting, you won't find me trying on something like this. When it comes to sharing my feelings, I'm rather old school. I'd rather use eye contact, body language and my smile to get the message across.

'Works as kink in the bedroom' Pooja Sinha, 28 (Freelance content writer)
I'm sure this is a dream-come-true for the guys, but it's a ridiculous idea. Imagine sweating with anxiety over something and your dress decides to send out the 'I'm turned on' signal. Why not let men figure out what's going on in a woman's mind by reading non-verbal signs? The dress is not for me, but it may just work as a kinky tool in the bedroom.

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Recipe: Rose water lemonade

It is an easy way to beat the heat

Ingredients: Quarter cup lemonade concentrate, rose water (half of lemonade concentrate), quarter teaspoon rose essence, two cups of water, few ice cubes.

Method: Combine all ingredients (except ice cubes), stir well and refrigerate. Serve cold and add few ice cubes if needed.

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Antibiotics improve growth in kids

Researchers have suggested that antibiotics are able to improve growth in children at risk of undernourishment in low and middle income countries.

Their results suggest that the youngest children from the most vulnerable populations benefit most and show significant improvements toward expected growth for their age and sex, particularly for weight.

A team of researchers from McGill, the University of British Columbia and others, set out to determine whether antibiotics lead to improvements in growth in pre-pubertal children living in low and middle income countries.

Paper's first author Ethan Gough, McGill PhD candidate in the Faculty of Medicine (Department of Epidemiology, Biostatistics and Occupational Health), said they looked at changes in both height and weight.

He said that they searched the research literature for studies that treated children aged 1 month to 12 years with an antibiotic, and analyzed the results of 10 trials involving 4,316 children in seven low and middle income countries. Children were generally smaller in height and weight than adequately nourished children of the same age. This group of studies reflects the spectrum of stunting and wasting malnutrition seen in these countries.

Amee Manges, a professor in the School of Population and Public Health, at the University of British Columbia, said that overall they we found that antibiotic treatment had a positive effect on both height and weight with increases of 0.04 cm/month for height and by 23.8 g/month for weight, asserting that after accounting for differences in the age of the study participants, effects on height were larger in the youngest children and effects on weight were larger in the trials that were conducted in Africa.

The results have been published in the British Medical Journal.

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