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Drinks Recipe: Nutella cold coffee

Written By kom nampultig on Jumat, 24 Oktober 2014 | 18.47

A quick recipe to keep you refreshed in summer

As summers have just begun, it is all fun under the sun! And it feels best when you pamper your tastebuds with coolers. Milk shakes, iced teas and many more 'chilled' milk recipes are much savoured as they not only beat the heat but, are healthy too depending on the preparation. Here's the recipe to nutella cold coffee:

2 spoons instant coffee powder (or as per your taste)
2 spoons nutella
1 and half glass chilled low fat milk
Sugar or honey as per your taste
A scoop of vanilla ice-cream
Ice cubes


-In a blender, mix all the above ingredients except ice-cubes and blend them at high speed.
-In two glasses, place 2-3 ice cubes and 2-3 spoon of ice-cream. Now, pour the coffee in serving glasses.
-Finally, you may garnish this chilled drink either by sprinkling some coffee powder on it or by adding some chocolate syrup on the top depending upon your taste and liking.

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Death & resurrection of the superhero

With popular mutant Wolverine set to meet his end soon, the comic book world will see the death of yet another superhero. But panic not, they are bound to return.

Wolverine fans need to brace themselves. Your beloved superhero is really dying! The first in the four-part comic series, titled Death of Wolverine, has hit the stands and by the end of it, one of the world's most famous mutants will take his last breath. Wolverine, who first appeared in 1974 with his long retractable claws, will lose his self-healing abilities and by the fourth edition of the series, he will meet his makers.

When superheroes are made to die in the comic book world, fans, though initially upset, don't panic altogether — for history has proved that superheroes generally don't die; they just disappear from the scene for some time, only to make a comeback — stronger, smarter and more popular. Take for instance Batman, Spider Man and Superman. In 2012, the web-spinning hero Spider Man faced death at the hands of Doctor Octopus. Then, in 2008, it was Batman's turn to die. The hero, who has been on a mission to save Gotham city, met his end while battling enemy Mangrove Pierce. And in 1992, in the comic The Death of Superman, the flying superhero, popular for wearing underwear over his pants, died after succumbing to battle injuries. But then, they all made a comeback from the grave, to keep us entertained with their superhero abilities and activities.

A superhero's death isn't a new phenomenon. In fact, death of hero has often been glorified in infinite number of stories. But why do creators resort to killing off the hero in comic books? "It is all about sympathy," explains Jatin Varma, founder of an Indian comic convention, adding, "A hero dying while fighting enemies is something the readers empathise with."

Apart from the 'sympathy factor', it's the limitations of the script and story that has a role to play in makers putting an end to the character. With nothing new to offer readers, makers often decide to do away with the hero, at least for some time. "No story is infinite. After a point, there's nothing new you can show in a character. So, a hero is killed and then reincarnated. It is more like a Season 2, with fresh plot and same characters," explains Jatin. But there are times when comic books bank on killing the hero as marketing gimmick, says Jai Undurti of the Hyderabad Graphic Novel Project. "After a comic character is around for a long time, it becomes stale and repetitive, so it goes out of sight. Killing and then reincarnating the character is more like re-launch it in the market again. It excites the readers and comics go off-the-shelf quickly," opines Jai.

Ultimately, it's the thrill that fans experience that makes the death of a hero a monumental time in the comic book history. Talking about his personal experience, Jatin says, "If you follow comics, you would know that characters don't really die. It is only for some series. But for a fan, the thrill comes from knowing how the particular story is executed, and not the death, per se. I remember, when Superman died in 1992, comics weren't that easily available. I was a fan then, and it got me so fascinated."

Sachin Gupta, a city student and comic books collector, says, "We love our superheroes and most of us grow up reading about them. So, when the news of their death comes, even if it is temporary, it gets us all worked up and hooked to the series."

Demand of the script or a marketing gimmick, is certainly a hit formula that is here to stay.

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How to plump your lips

Envy actresses like Nargis Fakhri, Priyanka Chopra, and Hollywood A-lister Angelina Jolie's full lips? Here's how you can get them...
Hydrate: It is vital that you keep your lips hydrated by drinking enough water every day. Drinking sufficient water will help you get plump lips. Use a good lip balm with SPF.
Exfoliate: The next time you exfoliate, don't restrict it to just your body. Mix brown sugar and coconut oil and gently exfoliate your lips. This increases blood flow.
Steam: Apply a generous layer of petroleum jelly or thick lip balm before you take a shower. Don't wipe it off while you're taking a shower as the steam will help the jelly or balm penetrate, resulting in smooth lips.
Peppermint oil: Sometimes, irritating your skin could actually give you desired results. That's what happens when peppermint oil is rubbed on lips. It irritates the lips enough to cause them to swell slightly and adds a temporary flush of colour.
Lip plumper: Invest in a good lip plumper or hyaluronic acid and apply it once a day. When putting in on, open your mouth as wide as you can to get the best effect.
Highlight: An instant lip-plumping makeup trick is to use a highlighter to the cupid's bow and a shimmering balm to the bottom of your lips to make them appear larger. You can also apply a pink-toned lipstick and follow it up with a slightly darker colour. Top off with lip gloss, and you are ready to hit the party with a big pout!
Capsicum oil: Hunt down a bottle of oil extracted from red hot peppers and use your fingertips for just a hint on your lips. It will improves blood circulation and act as a natural plumping serum.
Beeswax: Heard all the hoopla surrounding the celebrity craze for lethal bee venom? Try the less notorious beeswax on your lips. It is a major component in organic lip balms.
Makeup illusion: Whip out your favourite pink lipstick and a lip liner in a slightly darker shade. Finish off with a light-reflecting gloss for an irresistible pout.
Essential oil: A tiny amount of pure cinnamon oil extract is an aromatic wellness package for the lips. Apply it in a circular motion for greater impact.
Grin wide: A smile goes a mile in plumping your lips up. Even blowing a kiss or beaming at your beau exercises them and making them fuller.


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Ways to cope with cyberbullying

You only need to log on to a popular video-sharing website to witness one version of cyberbullying that plagues the internet — people having arguments galore on the comments section of any given video.

On some videos that deal with sensitive topics, the comments resemble a gloves-off, full on brawl. Cyberbullying is a broad term under which the above mentioned behaviour falls. It takes place over any kind of electronic media and can take a great emotional toll on the victim that can have some serious real-world consequences.

Here are a few tips to nip this menace in the bud:
If you receive harassing messages on your phone, save screenshots of the same. Threatening messages can thus be conveniently reported to the authorities. If your child happens to be getting messages from his peers, these saved messages can be shown to the parents of the cyberbully so that the latter can be corrected.

A lot of phones have a facility whereby you can block calls from a certain user. This goes for messages to. Simply treat it as 'spam'.

Resist the temptation to reply, as that can only exacerbate the problem. Besides, it is probably what the cyberbully wants you to do. If you do, however, feel compelled to reply to a deliberately rude comment on your status message for example, do so. Let that person get the message and then simply delete the conversation and block the offender. Never get more involved than you absolutely need to.

Few people can remain truly anonymous on the internet these days. If you are receiving threatening messages from someone hiding behind a veil of anonymity, try to get their IP address traced.

The offender could also be someone you have communicated with in the past, who is trying to annoy you for whatever reason. If they are using a nickname, key in their user name in the 'search' field of your inbox and look for any evidence of past communication. This could help you to identify the person.

Trolling as a form of cyberbullying

What to do when someone is cyberbullying you on your social networking page.

Social networking websites take the issue of cyberbullying very seriously. If the victimisation is bad enough, the sites even encourage you to contact your local police authorities to get help on the matter.

All the major social networking websites, video sharing sites and photo blog sites have links from where you can report abuse.

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E-shopping made easy

Tech-savvy millennials prefer internet shopping over thronging crowded malls. Here are a few tips to be a smart e-shopper.

Whether it's shopping for your day-to-day groceries, home products, electronic gadgets or revamping your entire wardrobe - today's smart shoppers can do all of the above, from the comforts of their home. If the rise in e-shoppers in India is anything to go by, you may never have to go to the mall again. According to a survey by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASSOCHAM), shopping trends of Indian consumers have witnessed a significant change this summer - online shopping has shown more than 155 per cent rise as compared to last year's 85 per cent.

Online shopping is convenient, cheaper and gives the buyer an abundance of choice from around the world.

Says Narinder Singh, director of online portal Numero-Uno, "Shopping on the internet saves time, energy and money.

It provides more options in terms of brands, designs etc. Going to a mall or a store means spending more time commuting, wasting money on fuel and parking fee. Also, good deals aren't always available in traditional shopping centres, vis-a-vis online stores."

Saurabh Malik, Business Head, Indiatimes Shopping, adds, "Thanks to online shopping, today, a youngster from a relatively unknown town in India can buy top fashion brands and the latest smartphone in the market. E-shopping is driving a huge lot of aspirational youth from tier II and tier III towns to match their upcountry counterparts and save a good amount of money on top of it."

Apart from heavy discounts; cus tomer-friendly policies, flexible delivery timelines and free returns make eshopping an irresistible option.


1. Use coupon or promotional codes: Apart from its convenience, one of the biggest reasons why people prefer shopping on the internet is that it gives you the opportunity to avail discounts all through the year, even when it isn't sale season! What's more, coupon codes help you save even more money.

How to get the code: Enter the merchant's website with the word `coupon' or `promotional code', to get a discount on your product or on shipping costs or both. Since the discounts are often on select products, make sure the ones you have chosen fall under the `discount' category. Apply the right code.

2. Ditch your shopping cart: If you aren't in a rush to get your shop ping delivered immediately, once you have got all your products in the cart, save the cart and leave it for a day or two (don't checkout and pay). The online portal will send you an added discount coupon to try to convince you to buy the cart!

3. Compare products to get the best deal: If you want to buy a phone or any other electronic gadget, go for price comparison websites that allow you to compare prices available on different websites. This will help you avail the best discount offer.

4. Scout social networking sites: Many shopping websites and por tals give away special discount coupons or announce their sales first on networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This will give you a headstart.

5. Browse through customer re views: Most websites have a section under their products for feedback given by other customersusers. At times, a product may not be as it is displayed. The reviews help you make informed decisions. It's always good to know whether the product you are buying is your money's worth or not because with online shopping, people tend to buy things on a whim.


A buyer should always be careful about fraudulent sites. Says Vivek Sethi, co-founder, http:www.solester.com, "Always ensure a secure checkout. Before you purchase an item, look for HTTPS at the beginning of the web address on the transaction page - it indicates a secure connection. Addresses that begin with HTTP, without the `S' aren't secure and can result in your payment details being stolen and misused."

Dos & don'ts

One big drawback of online shopping is that you can't hold or test the product before buying. "To get the best feel of what you are buying, read the description of the product thoroughly, check the size and compare it with the size chart provided by the website. Read what their return policy says," shares Harsheen K Arora, director - strategy and operations, The V Renaissance.

If you are uncomfortable sharing your credit or debit card details for online payment, another safe option is COD i.e. Cash On Delivery. It means you have to pay only once your items have been delivered to your doorstep.

Avoid shopping at a cyber cafe or in public places as you are at a risk of letting people see your personal details. If you do, ensure that the PC or website doesn't auto save your card's information.

Print or save a copy of your order, until you receive your product.

Usually, you will receive an email with a confirmation of your purchase; this page should include a purchase receipt and a confirmation number.


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Balance feasting with fasting this Diwali

Written By kom nampultig on Kamis, 23 Oktober 2014 | 18.48

Diwali is the time when families come together to celebrate. And no celebration is complete without sweets and fried farsan. It is advisable not to indulge in tonnes of sugar-loaded mithais. Make a wise choice. Look for healthy options this year. Also, the food cooked during this festival is high in calories, so opt for dishes that aren't loaded with ghee or oil.

Sweets are hard to resist especially during Diwali when there are plenty on offer. But if you are conscious and don't want to pile on kilos, you can opt for healthy options. "Make the sweets at home. By doing this, you will get to know what is going into them. Opt for jaggery or honey instead of white sugar and oil instead of ghee. You can even make your own sweets using olive oil. Try not to use ghee or butter as saturated fat can lead to heart problems," says Sumona Ganguly, a nutritionist.

Using skimmed milk instead of full cream milk is a wise option. You could also opt for soya milk or cow's milk instead of the high fat buffalo milk. Soya milk is wholesome because it is high in protein and fibre and low in calories. Make healthy sweets at home by using dry fruits like dates, almonds, raisins, figs and walnuts. Do not use too many cashews and peanuts in your sweets as they are rich in calories.

"If you love your family and friends, do not gift them chocolates and high calorie sweets. Instead, gift dry fruit and fresh fruit baskets. Buy an air frier, oven or tandoor this Diwali and learn how to roast, bake or air fry cutlets, pattice, potato chips or spring rolls instead of deep frying them," says nutritionist Sheela Tanna.

If you plan to present shrikhand to your friends, then make it at home. "Get the whole family together for the preparations. Use fat-free milk, dry fruits, and fresh fruits instead of lots of refined sugar or khoya to cut down on calories. You can't entertain guests during Diwali without offering them a platter of shev, chaklis, poha chivda, which are unfortunately fried. However, a healthy way out is to bake them. Instead of artificially sweetened cold drinks, opt for coconut water, fresh lime juice or buttermilk," adds Tanna.

Diwali is that time of the year when you have the opportunity to indulge in good food. However, good food does not necessarily mean dishes rich in cream, ghee and cheese. Opt for almond paste which is a lot healthier and will give your Diwali dishes the perfect thick texture.

It is that time of the year when the weather is perfect for hot butter-laden parathas. For a twist, make stuffed parathas with a dash of olive oil or replace them with rotis made of whole wheat. When you are making pulao rice, add a lot of vegetables and dry fruits and cook it in very little olive oil instead of ghee or butter. Make the paneer at home in low-fat milk. Don't fry the paneer, grill it with special Indian spices like chilli, nutmeg, coriander powder and lemon juice with a little grated ginger and garlic paste. Why deep fry small eats and starters — which are served with drinks — when you can grill or bake them? Brush them with a little olive oil before putting them on the grill.

For people who eat meat during Diwali, it is time to opt for healthy low cal meat preparations. Use lean meat without the fat and lard, and cook it in olive oil. Add spinach and tomato paste to your mutton curry. You could also marinate the meat in lots of curd so that it becomes tender and you don't need to cook it for too long.

- If you are keen on sweets, then cut down on the namkeens.
- Avoid feasting at dinner time.
- Make sure that you are drinking enough water because people forget to drink water when they are busy with all the celebrations around.
- Try to eat as much fruit and vegetables before and after Diwali. This should work as a kind of a detox.

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Fashion Designer Oscar de la Renta dead

Oscar de la Renta, who designed for several Hollywood stars like Penelope Cruz and Sandra Bullock, for more than four decades, died at the age of 82.
Renta died at home Monday evening in Connecticut surrounded by family and friends and "more than a few dogs", according to a handwritten statement signed by two of his company's executives Alex Bolen and Eliza Bolen, reports people.com.

"While our hearts are broken by the idea of life without Oscar, he is still very much us. Oscar's hard work, his intelligence and his love of life are at the heart of our company," the statement said.

"All that we have done, and all that we will do, is informed by his values and his spirit. Through Oscar's example we know the way forward. We will make Oscar very proud of us by continuing in an even stronger way the work that Oscar loved so much," added the statement.

Renta and his peers, including the late Bill Blass, Roy Halston and Geoffrey Beene, defined American style.

He recently designed the wedding dress for Amal Alamuddin when she married actor George Clooney. First Lady Laura Bush and Hillary Clinton also wore his creations on different occasions.

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Style it like Beckham

He has been voted as one of the sexiest men alive many times, for footballer-fashionista David Beckham's charisma never fails to impress.

Not only do women go weak in the knees with his suave demeanour, but men look up to his sense of style with awe. For all you men who wonder how he gets his style check right every single time, here's decoding some of those looks and our tips on incorporating them in your wardrobes...

Denim on denim In an outing with his daughter Harper, David was spotted wearing a black knitted skull cap while he wore a blue denim shirt with darker hued jeans. While demin on denim is frowned upon by purists, you can try and imitate this casual chic look, with the right accessorizing.

Checks it is Bigger checks may not figure in the wardrobes of many guys, but they actually are quite stylish. Take a cue from David here and team them with a pair of denims in colours of black or blue. The brown leather shoes just add to the character.

Sexy in a tux While not everyone can carry off a bald look with a tuxedo like David, you can always go opt for this formal ensemble. Try matching a black tux with a bow-tie, but make sure that you wear it for the right occasion.

Going semi formal A lot of guys like to dress this way and it isn't that hard to perfect getting right balance either. The next time you are heading to a party, pair your blue denim with a white shirt and give the look a spin with a vest and a tie. You can play with different colours in terms of the tie to jazz up your look. However, try not to go to extremes either.

Take the casual route Sometimes just a T-shirt and a pair of denims can do the trick. Here, David is seen sporting a white tee with a pair of dark denims that he teams with white sneakers. Simple, effective and not too difficult, right? Go ahead and try this look today!


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Warning signs that she’s not into you

You may be the man who has treated her better than anyone ever did, but have no idea if she's in love with you? Here are warning signs that she's not even remotely interested in you...

Women are equally difficult as men, if not more, when it comes to handing a cue to the opposite sex on how high their interest level is. And while everyone thinks men love the chase, the truth is, when one is unable to receive signals from the other end, the chase can be pretty frustrating. While she may enjoy the attention, love the flowers, savour the chocolates, and blush at the flirtatious text messages, she may just take it in jest without really making an effort to give you a positive nod that says, "I like you way beyond the regular already". And sometimes, it gets too late to decipher what her intentions truly are. So here's a quick decoder for all you men who are unaware what she's up to, whether she's into you or not, and when you should stop the pursuit.

Your sense of humour, d'uh!
Sense of humour plays an important role in signifying if you're likable or not, at least in the case of women. If she stays stone-faced when you are in the best of your humour, thinks you're stupid and asks you to stop cracking lame punches, or even worse, scorns at you, you haven't appealed to her funny bone, or maybe she just lacks that. So, let her wait for some stand-up comedian she doesn't have to pay to watch. You try your luck elsewhere.

What an excuse!
Catch a hint from the explanation she gives you when you try to reach out to her or want to go out on a date. If she's giving excuses like, 'Got to meet my maternal uncle,' or 'Not today, have to take my pet for a walk', or even, 'Been a while I've vacuumed the house', well, she's indicating that you are not to waste your time on her. And why should you, when extended family, pet and a dirty apartment is what she's happy with.

There's a friend of mine you should meet
It's funny, but women are emotional that way. If they know you have a soft corner for them, and they think you're a sweet man, they wouldn't say no to you. Instead, they will try to hook you up with a friend they like. This way, they feel, they wouldn't hurt you much. In this context, just ask them to say a yes or no, instead of playing matchmaker.

She's 'Happy Being Single'
When a woman finds a prospective man, she shuns the whole, 'Thank God I am single,' and starts chanting, 'I wish I meet someone special'. Yes, women do that to subtly suggest to a man that she needs them to make a move soon. But if you're not that guy, maybe you should run in the opposite direction and not make a fool of yourself.

You're a great friend
My! Women love hammering that line on you. That's just a way of saying, 'You are not the man I'm looking for, but you can stick around and be a dot in my circle of friends'. These are the women, you think, who love your company. They sure do, but they've comfortably shelved you in the friend zone.

All the other men, except you, are attractive
Yes, this is the final blow. They will talk about every other man, except you, and label them as attractive. And all this, in front of you. If she's doing that on a regular basis, time you start ignoring her.

What to do next:
When you know she's acting pricey, here's what you should do:
1. Let her know you need an answer and assure her the friendship won't change even if she says no.
2. Give her space, maybe that's what she needs right now.
3. Treat her like any other woman. When she gets a feeling that she's being treated like one in a million, she thinks you're so into her. Stop that immediately.
4. Cut loose before it hurts too much. Self-preservation is the best you can do, because she's already made it clear she doesn't want you. So, before you turn into the dejected lover on the couch with a bottle of alcohol, stop contacting her.


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Home remedies to treat high blood pressure

High blood pressure or Hypertension is a common condition in which the force of the blood against your artery walls is high enough that it may eventually cause health problems such as heart disease.

Blood pressure is determined by the amount of blood your heart pumps and the amount of resistance to blood flow in your arteries. The more blood your heart pumps and the narrower your arteries, the higher your blood pressure.

High blood pressure, a silent killer can cause heart attacks, strokes, heart disease, organ failure, and death if not treated on time. Your doctor will give you medical prescriptions if you have high blood pressure, but did you know that there are several things in your kitchen cabinets that can be used to lower the same problem?

Red Vs white
Fish and chicken are helpful in lowering blood pressure. But red meat will spike your blood pressure and even make matters worse. Try clubbing chicken or fish with vegetables and you are sorted!

Garlic is a key ingredient of the Indian diet and many cuisines around the world. Remember your grandma asking you to eat a piece of garlic every day? Well she was right! This natural medicine helps in lowering cholesterol and also keeps your blood pressure in check.

Onion and honey
A quick tip to lower your blood pressure is to take a tbsp of onion juice in a cup and add two tbsp of honey. Have this concoction every day.

Curry leaves
This is one remedy that our south Indian friends mostly opt for. Curry leaves are a natural source that battles various illnesses. In a vessel add drinking water and 4-5 curry leaves, cool it and use it for daily drinking.

Blend a carrot and spinach to get a tall glass of juice. Drink this twice a day to lower your blood pressure.

Beet root
This beautiful vegetable juice is a great way to lower your blood pressure. Drink it twice a day.

Decrease the salt in your diet: 1,500 milligrams (mg) a day

Note: These home remedies for lowering blood pressure should be taken along with your doctor's prescriptions. They will help you lower your blood pressure and live a healthy life.

Read more Personal Health, Diet & Fitness stories on www.healthmeup.com

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