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Celeb cook in: Dhaba-style aloo matar

Written By kom nampultig on Kamis, 30 Oktober 2014 | 18.48

My "maa ke haath ka khana": Is delicious, especially her dhaba-style aloo matar and rajma chawal. No matter how hard I try to recreate the same aroma and taste in my dish, I always fail at it.
My earliest memory of food: Since I have lived in a joint family, food for me isn't just about pleasing my taste buds, but a whole lot of fun that comes with eating together.
My favourite recipe: Undoubtedly, aloo matar; it's my weakness. This is because when my mom was expecting me, she would keep craving aloo matar. So, my love for it started even before I was born!

I enjoy cooking: I simply love it when I get a lot of compliments for my cooking. It gives me a high. I also find cooking therapeutic and relaxing.

To impress my man: I'd stick to my forte - delectable north Indian food that is complex in flavour and beautifully presented. Men should learn to cook too I My brother was taught to cook with the same enthusiasm my sister and I were. I strongly feel that even men have a role to play in the kitchen and should cook for their loved ones whenever possible.
On the sets, I eat: Simple, home-cooked food. Light, vegetarian dishes keep me energised and nourished. I eat at regular intervals as not eating for long can trigger mood swings.
My favourite `foodie' destination: New Zealand.
My non-food passions: Old Bollywood music is something I enjoy. I'm also an ardent traveller and like going on weekend holidays from time to time.

My favourite travel destination is: Europe. I am also an avid reader and love to spend my spare time reading.
Dhaba-style aloo matar

INGREDIENTS: Oil: 2 tbsp, Cumin seeds: 1 tsp, Green chillies (slit): 1, Onion (diced): 1, Ginger paste: 1 tsp, Garlic paste: 1 tsp, Tomatoes (diced): 2, Coriander powder: 2 tsp, Cumin powder: 1 tsp, Turmeric powder: 12 tsp, Red chilli powder: 1 tsp, Dry mango powder: 1 tsp, Potatoes (peeled and cut into 8-10 pieces each): 5-6, Shelled peas: 1 cup, Garam masala: 1 tsp, Salt to taste, Coriander leaves: 2 tbsp

METHOD: In a wok, heat oil and add cumin seeds. Add green chillies and onions. Saute onions till they turn soft. Add ginger and garlic paste and saute for another minute. Add tomatoes, coriander powder, cumin powder, turmeric, red chilli and dry mango powders and saute for a minute. Lastly, add potatoes and peas and half a cup of water. Add salt to taste. Cover the pan and cook till potatoes are soft. Turn off the fire, sprinkle garam masala and cover immediately.
Open after a few minutes, garnish with coriander leaves and serve.

Sakshi Tanwar, TV actress

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Animal-loving celebrities turn to adoption

Ever since the animal adoption scheme was introduced at the Chamarajendra Zoological in Mysore in 2001, a slew of animal-lovers, especially celebrities, have taken it upon themselves to make the lives of these captive creatures more comfortable.

The most recent additions to this evergrowing list are filmmaker Indrajit Lankesh, who adopted a white peacock for life, and cricketer Vinay Kumar, who's loosened his purse strings for an Asiatic lion.

When the filmmaker, who also runs a tabloid, announced that he was adopting a peacock for life, it did not take many by surprise, given that the logo of his publication features the national bird.

On his most recent visit to Mysore, the cricketer, accompanied by his wife Richa decided to adopt a lion called Darshan.

Sandalwood actor Darshan, who has a private zoo of sorts at his farm in Mysore, has adopted the tiger cub Manya and a baby elephant.

It's a Bengal tiger called Agasthya that caught the fancy of Indian cricket skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

As the vice chairman of the State Wildlife Board, the former cricketer decided to do his bit, when he paid for the upkeep of the Asiatic Lion Shankara and a giraffe calf.

Former Indian cricketer Rahul may not have been the fastest on the field, but he pays for the welfare of a very fast animal -the cheetah. Rahul has adopted not one, but two African cheetahs.

The former Kar nataka chief minis ter adopted a tiger called Amulya for a year, which he has been renewing year-on year.

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/followceleb.cms?alias=Vinay,pets,Indrajit Lankesh,Darshan,Animal adoption

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'A thriller provides immediate gratification'

Book Review: Catching the Departed
Author: Kulpreet Yadav
Publisher: Tara India Research Press
Pages: 255

A ghastly murder in the dead of night at a faraway village in the capital's underbelly sets the motion in 'Catching the Departed' - the first in the Andy Karan trilogy by author Kulpreet Yadav. Andy Karan is an investigative journalist with a mission. Monica, his boss at the New Delhi Today magazine, assigns him to unravel the mystery behind the death of a local lawyer. Slowly, Andy Karan embarks on a life-threatening journey that lands him into the centre of a much bigger conspiracy.

All about Andy Karan
The character of Andy Karan, also ex-Army personnel in the book, is modelled upon one of Mahabharata's legendary warriors and often misunderstood soldiers, Karan. Much like the hero from the epic, Andy refuses to walk the path of corruption and politics. He embodies all qualities of a patriot who is willing to die upholding the virtues of truth, friendship and love; but can never bring himself to live a borrowed life dictated by someone else's terms and conditions. "I wanted to create a character in his late twenties who mirrors young Indian men. Andy doesn't condemn the West but he is the right mix of Indian sensibilities and western inventiveness. 'Catching the Departed' celebrates the commitment of an Indian foot soldier, a faceless spy, who is prepared to fight the enemies of the nation," explains Kulpreet Yadav.

On writing thriller
This is the first time that Kulpreet Yadav has tried his hands on writing crime fiction. His previous books, 'The Bet' and 'A Waiting Wave' belonged to a different genre of literature. How did the transition happen? "Yes, my previous books had a literary slant. Today's readers, I have realised, are smarter and more knowledgeable. Entertainment has edged ahead of art. I chose to write a thriller because it provides immediate gratification. As a genre, I have been reading thrillers since childhood and I thought why not give the readers what they want," asserts Kulpreet.

A film in the making, perhaps?
The fast-paced narrative and suspense-filled plot are components that make the book read like a movie script. Prod the author on whether the novel was written with the intention of turning it into a screenplay later, and Kulpreet avers, "Many readers have told me that 'Catching the Departed' reads like a movie. Some have even suggested a cast and I am going crazy with the whole idea. The truth is I wanted to write a compelling story that is easy to relate to, and, has a good entertainment value. I wanted people to discover me as a good storyteller. But yes, if the book is optioned for a movie adaptation, my agent and I would welcome the idea. I think neo-Bollywood is ready for thrilling stories".

Not strong enough
The book fails to etch out strong women characters. Monica's presence in the book is peripheral. The plot drifts away from her, as though, deliberately. She is lovelorn, depressed and a journalist struggling to prove her worth to her boss. Her decisions are influenced by the men around her and she needs constant assurance from them. Quiz the author on this bleak characterisation and he refutes, "I wouldn't call Monica's character insipid. On the contrary, she is a strong woman who is protective and amenable to change at her age. But I agree that her appearance in the story is rather limited. I would love to write a thriller with a woman as sensuous and courageous as Monica in the lead one day".

Future projects
The other two titles in the Andy Karan series - 'Drowning the Pirate' and 'Eating the Dragon' are slated to release early 2015 and 2016 respectively. Apart from that, the author will continue to write short fiction for literary magazines in India and abroad.

About the author
Kulpreet Yadav is the author of 'Catching the Departed' (2014), the first in the Andy Karan series of crime thrillers. He is also the founder-editor of Open Road Review, a literary magazine with a global footprint. His short-fiction pieces have been shortlisted for numerous contests and have appeared in over 30 periodicals in India and elsewhere.

(Originally published on September 06, 2014)

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/followceleb.cms?alias=romance,novels,Kulpreet Yadav

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Signs you are about to be dumped

Here are some tell-tale signs that indicate you are about to be dumped

You may think that your relationship is very secure, but that may not be the case. Learn to read between the lines to make sure you know where your relationship is heading.

Cancels your dates: Now, we aren't saying that you need be worried the first time your boyfriend/girlfriend opts, but when it becomes a regular occurrence you definitely need to know the reason behind it. When you plan a date well in advance there's no reason why your partner has to be out working late that very day.

Wants to go out only in a group: Hanging out with friends actually helps a couple's relationship. However, when your partner refuses to plan a single solo date, you should question him about it. Like you shouldn't cut off your friends once you start dating, they shouldn't be the reason you get to hang out with your partner.

Ask you to 'connect' with your friends more often: When your girlfriend/boyfriend wants you to hang out with 'your' friends and not 'his' friends, that should get you thinking. Of course, you shouldn't obsess over getting friendly with his friends, but you should have some mutual friends.

No PDA please: Has simple things like holding hands or a peck on the cheek started embarrassing your boyfriend/girlfriend? It's time you figure out what happened to that 'I-can't-get-enough-of-you' phase.

Gets upset when you try to get intimate:
Does she always complain of a headache? Or does he always say he's too tired? If your partner comes up with such flimsy excuses almost every night then you really need to know what happened to that 'spark' between you.

Keeps you waiting... and waiting... If you find him putting you on hold and then forgetting to get back it means you aren't on his mind. Don't be foolish enough to wait for him for an hour to pick up the phone, instead go have a face-to-face chat with him.

Doesn't bother returning your calls: If/she refuses to revert to your calls and messages, it means you can't look the other way and hope that he/she changes her attitude. Your partner can't take you for granted and you have to tell him/her that clearly.

Needs some more 'space': When he/she starts inserting words like 'lack of space' very often while talking about your relationship, you should take some time out to do some re-thinking.

Refuses to discuss future: If your partner is unsure whether he wants to be with you for long, he is less likely to speak about a scenario involving the two of you in the future. If he refuses to move ahead, then maybe it's time for you to move on.

Calls you fat! Now that's hitting below the belt. If your girlfriend/boyfriend keeps making demands that you get a makeover, maybe you should ask him/her to get a new partner.


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7 solid reasons you're not losing weight

Trying to lose weight, but cannot? Here are 7 reasons that could be getting in the way

Do you keep piling on the kilos, no matter how many diets you try? The problem may have more to do with your general health than with your food. Here are simple solutions that can help you beat the bulge.

Need more sleep
If you don't sleep well, then the body's hormone axis don't work properly. They affect metabolism and eventually lead to weight gain. Doctors say if you aren't sleeping, your body won't be digesting food normally either. Besides, people suffering from insomnia often snack through the night or drink coffee, which makes the problem worse.

Fix it: Get into a routine by going to bed at regular times and waking up at the same time, even during the weekends. Steer clear of caffeine after 4 pm and try to avoid iPhones or watching TV in your bedroom. Instead, unwind by reading before going to bed.

You're depressed
The problem here is twofold. Most people share an emotional relationship with food. So when depressed, they tend to eat more. However, antidepressants can also stimulate the appetite as, when people feel happier, thanks to the medication, they overeat.

Fix it: It's important not to use an increase in appetite as an excuse to eat the wrong foods. Instead, make sure you always have healthy snacks, such as fruit, nuts and seeds, on hand to stave off those pangs of hunger. If you feel your medication is to blame for your weight gain, then see your GP who might be able to prescribe alternatives.

You're stressed
When adrenaline (the stress hormone) kicks in, the body produces more cortisol, which in turn causes hunger. When you're stressed it's tempting to turn to unhealthy ready meals, high-calorie snacks or alcohol. Stress can also make you feel lethargic. All of these factors take their toll on the waistline.

Fix it: Even in times of stress, eat regular, healthy meals. People who are stressed at work tend to laze around in bed on weekends, but that makes matters worse. Unless you eat within half an hour of waking up, the body will go into fasting mode and store up the last meal in case you don't eat.

Thyroid to blame
Hypothyroidism, or an underactive thyroid, slows down the metabolism; many people find they put on weight while it goes undiagnosed. With treatment, the hormones will balance out and weight will soon return to normal.

Fix it: Symptoms of hypothyroidism include tiredness, constipation, aches, dry skin, lifeless hair and feeling cold. If you experience any of these, see your GP for a blood test.

PCOS syndrome
Many overweight women suffer from polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS. They have a resistance to insulin, just like people with diabetes, which in the case of PCOS makes it difficult for them to convert the male hormone testosterone in the ovaries into the female hormone oestrogen.

Higher levels of testosterone in the body will make sufferers put on weight and the insulin resistance does the same thing because the body can't utilise the calories it is taking in.

Fix it: Patients are treated with metformin (the same medication given to type 2 diabetics). It reduces the insulin resistance, which rectifies the hormone balance. They are also encouraged to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising regularly. Other symptoms of PCOS include excessive body hair, irregular periods, infertility, hair loss and acne.

Eating late at night
Studies have shown that people who consume the same calories as others, but eat them an hour or two before going to bed will put on more weight than those who eat earlier. This is because the body is aware that you are not being active, so it stores the calories by turning them into fat. It takes the body longer to convert this stored fat into energy again.

Fix it: Eat your main meal at lunchtime and then have a smaller, lighter meal in the evening, at least three hours before going to bed. The body's ability to digest food reduces as the sun sets.

You've cut out carbs
We all know you need a balanced diet to be healthy but for many of us, cutting out carbs is a sure-fire way to reduce a few kilos quickly. However, when you eliminate something from your diet, the body starts to crave it. Carbs are important building blocks for the body to turn into energy.

Fix it: Eat healthy carbs, such as wholemeal breads, rotis, and brown rice. Avoid diets that ban them.

http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/followceleb.cms?alias=Women,polycystic ovary syndrome,Metformin,insomnia,infertility

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Lifting the veil off emergency contraceptive

Written By kom nampultig on Selasa, 28 Oktober 2014 | 18.48

If you needed emergency contraception would you know where to get it and how to take it?

In a recent survey conducted by sexual health charity FPA, in the UK, 59 per cent of women said that they know only `a little' about emergency contraception, while 12 per cent said they `don't know very much'.Meanwhile, three per cent said they know `nothing'. The survey of over 2,000 women aged between 16 and 54, also revealed some worrying trends around what women wrongly believe to be true.

India is no different. From the hundreds of queries Mirror's sex expert Dr Mahinder Watsa receives every week, those surrounding emergency contraceptives are the most common from women readers. Here's clarity on six common emergency contraception myths:

MYTH: The `morning after pill' is the only option


There are two types of emergency contraception available to access if you have unprotected sex or your usual contraceptive method fails. While several brands of the pills are available in the market, they have to be taken within 72 hours of the sexual act. There is also the option of having an emergency IUD fitted from a credible medical expert. An IUD -or intrauterine device -is a small plastic and copper device that can be fitted into your uterus up to five days after unprotected sex. You can choose to keep the IUD as your usual method of contraception for up to five or 10 years.

MYTH: I need a prescription


Recent findings showed that over one third of women believe you need to have a prescription from a GP to access an emergency contraceptive pill. But most brands are widely available to buy over the counter from pharmacies without a prescription. MYTH It's like an abortion


Fifty per cent of women questioned believed that using emergency contraception causes an abortion, or they weren't sure.Emergency contraceptive pills stop the release or fertilisation of an egg, or prevent a fertilised egg from implanting in the uterus. Medical research and legal judgement are clear that this is a way to prevent pregnancy and is not abortion. Abortion is a way to end pregnancy and can only take place once the fer tilised egg has implanted in the womb. The two are very distinct.

MYTH: I have to use it within 24 hours of having unprotected sex


The widely used phrase `morning after pill' has not helped to bust this myth, as it inaccurately suggests that emergency contraception has to be taken straight away. Most pills have to be taken within three days of having unprotected sex.

MYTH: I can't use the pill more than once in the same cycle


Experts will tell you that misuse of the morning after pill can put your hormonal cycle off whack. However, you can take the emergency contraceptive pill more than once in the same cycle.

MYTH: It will make me infertile


Almost two-thirds of women surveyed believed they could become infertile through repeated use of emergency contraception, or they weren't sure. Using the emergency contraceptive pill repeatedly can disrupt your natural menstrual cycle, but it will not make you infertile. Remember, emergency contraceptives aren't intended as regular forms of contraception.

If you are looking for a regular contraceptive, you need to consult your gynaecologist about information on birth control pills or oral contraceptive pills. It contains two hormones, an oestrogen and a progestogen, and changes the body's hormone balance so that your ovaries do not ovulate (produce an egg). It also causes the mucus made by the neck of the cervix to thicken and form a plug.What this does is make it tough for the sperm to travel through to the uterus to fertilise an egg.Additionally, it also makes the lining of the womb thinner, thereby reducing the chances of a fertilised egg from attaching to the uterus.


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In pics: 8 super ways to turn a good kisser



A good kiss can lead to better and hotter things as they progress. To be a sensational kisser, you have to be in control.

Gently and softly: Suppose you and your partner have just started kissing and you are about to shift your gears to a deeper kiss, then you should gently start to take the lead by placing your hands on either side of her face and guiding your lips in. When you cup her face in your palms during the kiss, you control the amount of pressure of your mouth on her and she also feels the warmth of your hand on her skin. (Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images) 

8 super ways to turn a good kisser



Be vocal: You should be at least a little vocal during your lovemaking and post lovemaking about how kissing her turns you on. You should let her know that she has an exciting effect on you and her breath makes you all the more crazy for her. It is important to not only tell your girl how gorgeous she is, but also that she is great kisser. Women also do have egos and flattery hurt no one. (Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images) 

8 super ways to turn a good kisser



Your mind matters: Strive to give the right pressure of your lips on hers. You do not have to have luscious lips, you do not have to be Mr. Macho and you do not have to have a flat stomach and cute butt. These are not qualifications to be a good kisser. What is needed is the interest to make your woman feel nice. Your mind is the biggest sex organ and your lips are the twin warriors in the game of love and lust. (Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images) 

8 super ways to turn a good kisser



Practice: Practice makes you perfect. To incorporate new kissing techniques, you can look in a mirror and watch yourself kiss your arm or hand. Imagine how the heat of her lips will feel on yours, how arousing her breath will be, how sweet her saliva will taste and try to imagine every texture and aspect of her lips. This may sound silly but when you are totally in it and concentrate on the sensation, you will get more confidence and flow during the actual kiss. (Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images) 

8 super ways to turn a good kisser



Be romantic: A woman's body is the free range of sensitive zones, which are kiss worthy. You can kiss her earlobe or graze your lips behind her ears. You can softly place your lips on the tip of her nose and give her a cute kiss. The kiss, which you can lay on the back of her neck, can be really romantic to her. (Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images) 

8 super ways to turn a good kisser



Don't hurt her: You make sure that in deep kissing (French kissing), you do not cause hurt her. She should not pass out by the force of your kisses. You should tilt to your head to one side while kissing so that her nose is not blocked. (Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images) 

8 super ways to turn a good kisser



Maintain good breath: A good kisser is recognized for his sexy breath. Stay away from odorous food like onions, garlic, fish etc when you know you will kiss her. Make sure that you brush your teeth or floss before going out on a date with her. If you have to eat a meal with her, see that you have a mint with you that you can pop in after you have finished eating. (Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images) 

8 super ways to turn a good kisser



Tongue magic: An exceptional kisser is skilled at French kissing. He is confident that the magic of his tongue can do to amazing things to any woman. As an exceptional kisser, try and keep her guessing about your moves. Kiss her a little, look at her eyes and stroke her face or hair. Then go for a lip-lock again as you caress her sweet spots. Leave her lips and look at her with wanton lust or desire. You will see the same sort of magnetism in her eyes because she has been left high and dry for a moment. (Thinkstock Photos/Getty Images) 

8 super ways to turn a good kisser

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How to look like your favourite filter

You no longer need a camera filter to look gorgeous;We tell you how to create the same effect with the products you have stocked in your make-up bag

You may be a pro when it comes to taking flawless selfies. And with a little help from your favourite filters -which minimise those irksome imperfections and enhance your best features -you end up looking the way you wanted to. A switch from Normal and Retro to Walden and your selfie goes from the one you were just going to delete to the one with maximum likes! We do owe a lot to these photo-editing apps and their filters but do we always have to depend on them to look good?

Not really. If you wish to look as good in person as you do with the help of these flattering lighting effects, fake the filters using clever make-up tricks that will have you looking picture-perfect.

Perfect for: Festive occasions that require a golden glow
To recreate: For a golden, sun-touched look, combine a light, dewy foundation with a liquid bronzer and dab it on your skin. Using a powder or liquid highlighter, glide under the brow and cheekbones, and blend with fingertips.With a large make-up brush, apply a bronzer as a blush. Lips can be nude or painted in coral. Keep the eye makeup prominent by opting for dark eye pencil and gold eyeshadow.

Perfect for: Evening dinners and prom
To recreate: Striking and well-defined, this look requires you to accentuate your cheek bones and eyes. Prep the skin with a primer and liquid foundation. Use powdered bronzer for defining your facial features. Blend well so that defined powder lines aren't visible. This look also boasts of strong eyes. Rich mascara and eyeliner give a dramatic effect. Pink, coral or peach lips and blush complete the look.

Perfect for: Weekend brunch
To recreate: Use a foundation with yellow undertones; it suits most Indian complexions. Seal it by dabbing a little compact powder to evenly spread the foundation. As opposed to dramatic dark make-up, use a very soft blush along with minimal, soft pink or coral lips in matte. For shiny hair, add some gloss spray before styling your hair, which can be blow dried to look straight or curly.

Perfect for: Evening dates, as well as early mornings on beach holidays when the sun is shining bright
To recreate: Warm and pink undertones rule this soft, romantic look.Start by using a luminous base with a pink tint. Apply a translucent powder for satin-like finish and glow to the skin. Make sure the base is kept bright and fresh. Follow it up with a coral blush. Finish with a dab of rose-hued stain on the lips.

Perfect for: Office parties
To recreate: To look fresh as a daisy, start with your pantry. Grab an ice cube and gently rub it on your face. Pat the face dry with a soft towel. Take a dollop of moisturiser and apply it evenly all over the face. Next, apply the foundation base. Complete with a compact powder that suits your skin tone and a sweep of peach powder blush to the cheekbones for a flushed look. A gloss will give your lips the much needed shine.

Perfect for: Weekend brunch
To recreate: Use a foundation with yellow undertones; it suits most Indian complexions. Seal it by dabbing a little compact powder to evenly spread the foundation. As opposed to dramatic dark make-up, use a very soft blush along with minimal, soft pink or coral lips in matte. For shiny hair, add some gloss spray before styling your hair, which can be blow dried to look straight or curly.

Perfect for: Night outs
To recreate: Skin is minimally done up while the eyes are defined to look monochromatic.Start with a good base that will give you a slight glow. If you're using shimmer, stick to white or silver, rather than warm gold to achieve the monochrome effect. Highlight your upper eye lid with a black eyeliner and line the lower lid with a brown eye pencil. You can rock this look with muted tones and earthy

(Model: Alesia Raut; Inputs by beauty expert Aakriti Kochar)

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Freezing eggs for your career is like a devil's bargain!

With two corporate bigwigs announcing financial assistance to allow women employees to freeze their eggs, Hyderabad Times asks what female workers in the city think about the idea
The perks of being a female employee in the corporate world just got bigger with two Silicon Valley giants offering to cover the costs of egg freezing for non-med ical reasons. The out-of-the-box sop has triggered a huge debate across the world. In Hyderabad though, most women reckon this latest c incentive might not do any good for them.

While egg freezing might seem like a boon for career driven women who prefer to post pone pregnancy to climb up the corpo rate ladder, many see it as a booby trap.Babita Garg, mother of a two-year-old, says, "It is an out rageous idea. As it is, most of our lives' decisions are dependent on the na ture of our work. And now, if our repro ductive choices are also influenced by our employers, it might just make us corporate slaves! The very idea that my company can, indirectly , have a say in my decision to have a child, seems very intrusive."

Echoing similar thoughts, Esha Talwar, a 32-year-old corporate lawyer, says, "It is like a devil's bargain. On the outset, it might seem like a woman's decision to have babies might become independ ent of cultural, professional and bio logical pressures. But egg freezing is supposed to be an option for women who have some medical problems. It isn't meant for those who want to go up the ladder without a break! Going against nature will do more harm than good. In fact, there's never a convenient time for a working woman to have a baby , as it is influenced by a plethora of reasons and not just one."

Experts warn that egg freezing is not fool proof. Gynecologist Dr Bimal John says, "By itself, the move to aid egg freezing sounds incorrect, as it can urge people to see it as a justification to postpone pregnancy .Egg freezing technology has caught on, but it is not fool-proof yet. Unless in experienced hands, the process can also be risky and there is a probability of the ovaries getting punctured during the procedure."


Many women feel if companies want to show that they care about their women workforce, they could come up with better work environment. Neidhi Kumaar, a 28-year-old working with an IT company , says, "I think we should follow the natural process. Delaying could be good for some, but it shouldn't be used as a reason to increase women workforce. Companies need to understand that women have additional responsibilities outside of work and she will divide her time between work and family . I would rely on my family for support rather than opt at freezing the eggs."

Babita adds, "Work places can provide flexible work hours, day-care benefits, work-from-home benefits for a few days in a week. Things like these will help women get back in the system successfully after the birth."


While the idea has sparked multiple debates, some women feel this may come as a handy option for those who are unable to bear a child because of personal as well as professional reasons. Divya, who is up for the idea, says, "It is a necessary evil -evil because it's not how things are supposed to be, but it will be a great thing for women. Egg freezing will give any woman an opportunity to choose what she wants and have both career and family on her terms -and not pay for it as well."

(With inputs from Deepa.Soman@timesgroup.com)

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Recipe: Crab Curry

It is a mouth-watering delicacy

Ingredients: Three or four raw crabs, four potatoes, two onions (finely chopped), two tbsp turmeric paste, two tbsp red chilli paste, one tbsp ginger paste, one tsp garlic paste, bay leaves, garam masala, oil, two tbsp ghee, salt, two cups of water.

Method: Clean the crabs well and remove the hard shell. Mix turmeric, salt and fry, before keeping aside. In the same pan, fry the potatoes and keep aside. In a pan, heat ghee, add bay leaves and garam masala. Stir and fry for a few minutes, and add onions and stir. Add all pastes, salt and cook until the colour changes. Mix a bit of water, then add two cups more to fried potatoes and crabs. Cover and simmer gently until potatoes get cooked.


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