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Men's fashion: Check that

Written By kom nampultig on Sabtu, 20 Desember 2014 | 18.48

Watch our B-town men jazz up the conventional checks

Instant addiction
He's suave and he knows it. Trust Akshay Kumar to work a trend outstandingly. And it's the tiny chain detail on his checked waistcoat that leaves us impressed. The crisp white shirt and suede shoes are perfect.

Oh, the attitude!
Look who's looking dapper as ever. Arjun Kapoor adds some colour to his two-toned blue attire with a checked shirt. It actually brings the look together. Smart move!

Hero alert
Varun Dhawan prefers to work his checked shirt as a jacket. We'd never mix it up with a tee, rugged pants and leather shoes.
But he certainly owns this look, doesn't he?

Chocolate boy Sidharth Malhotra keeps it simple with a blue checked shirt and faded denims. Red shoes would've stood out here but he sticks to all-blue. Nice, eh?

(Compiled by Karishma Loynmoon)

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Black foods are in vogue

While the colour black is a fashion favourite, in food, it's usually considered 'unappetising'. But of late, black foods are becoming a rage.We find out why...

A part from caviar, blackberries and black truffles, black isn't a colour most diners associate with delicious, lip-smacking food. For most of us, the colour black on a food plate is repulsive. It gives the impression that the food is not edible, burned or worse, poisonous! But chefs around the world are trying to change this attitude by incorporating dark hues in popular recipes. Recently, Japan took food modification to another level by introducing fast-food delicacies like the black hamburger and black hotdog, which were instant hits. Many fine-dining restaurants in India have started serving customers gourmet preparations made from black pasta, black rice, black quinoa etc. on popular demand. These foods are making their way on supermarket shelves too. Apart from pasta, rice and quinoa, you can use black lentils, black soybeans, black mushrooms, black garlic etc. in your home recipes too.

Wondering why this bizarre culinary trend is catching on?
Celebrity chef Shipra Khanna says, "Today, people are ex posed to world cuisine. They are moving beyond traditional food dishes and are open to experimenting with recipes and using newer ingredients.They have also be come health-conscious, due to which they are using black food ingredients, which are nutrition powerhouses. Restaurants have started introducing black-coloured foods in their menus so that they can cater to all types of consumers - both experimenters as well as healthy eaters." Black foods are becoming popular because they are dramatic in their impact, delicious and also very nutritious.

To get the black colour in bread or pasta dishes, chefs don't need to rely on food colouring. They can use squid ink and bamboo charcoal, both of which are safe to consume and also have medicinal benefits.

Black is the new green
Today, the trend may be catching up in the rest of the world, but black foods have always been a part of certain cuisines, like Japanese, Chinese and Mexican, due to the health benefits associated with them. Often, foods are black because of natural plant pigments called anthocyanins. Says Shamsul Wahid, executive chef, "Studies suggest that anthocyanins have anti-inflammatory properties and offer protection against heart diseases, cancer and diabetes." Dr Amrapali Patil, weight management expert, believes that black foods are an economical option to amp up your antioxidant and nutrient consumption. "According to research, just a spoonful of black rice bran has more anthocyanins than a spoonful of blueberries. Anthocyanins also have other health benefits like boosting your brain power."

Black superfoods you can eat
Black garlic:
A type of fermented garlic, it is packed with natural sugars and amino acids. It improves blood circulation and contains twice the amount of antioxidants than white garlic.

Black rice:
It contains significantly higher amounts of vitamin E, which bolster the immune system and protect cells from free radical damage.

Black soybeans:
A Korean study found that eating black soybeans can help reduce the risk of thrombosis -a type of blood clot that's potentially fatal -even more than yellow or green soybeans.

Black lentils:
Loaded with iron, black lentils also have high levels of soluble fibre, which will not only lower your cholesterol, but also improve immune functions.

Black mushrooms:
These flavourful shiitake mushrooms may lower the risk of breast cancer among women after menopause.

Polyphenols found in dark berries help reduce cognitive decline in old age by cleaning up cells that impair brain function. Blackberries are also rich in fibre.

Dirty dining
In a dining collective in Milan, Italy, consumers gather together and eat only food that is either black in colour or dyed black. They serve feasts featuring eggs boiled in black tea and dipped in sesame seeds. The idea, according to the collective's founder, is to challenge preconceptions that black food is unattractive and unappetizing.

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Beauty cheat sheet for girls

As we get busier with every passing day, sometimes it is tough to denote just about enough time to taking care of your hair and make up.

That is where beauty hacks are a blessing in disguise. Here are some cheats that every girl should know: Carry a few earbuds and some moisturizer in your beauty bag. It is great for fixing smudged eyeliners or eye makeup.

For a no-fuss smokey eyes look, all you need is a kohl pencil with a creamy texture.Draw the top and bottom of your eyes and then squeeze them tightly shut. Use a small brush to smudge the effects for the smokey eyes look.

A primer is an absolute essential, as it is not just the base for your makeup, but can be used as a compact in an emergency too!

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The deadline-missing personality

What is making you miss all the deadlines?

Generating results and timely delivery of assignments are two of the biggest factors that shape the career of an individual.The room for error is minimal and any shortfall is detrimental to the modern-day career. As a member of the corporate clan, you don't work in a vacuum; your assignment is mostly a step in the bigger chain of tasks and work. If you are the weakest link in the chain and the whole ecosystem is disrupted, be ready to get fired even though the delay may be minimal. It is not about the delay on your part; it is about the cascading effect it has on the entire workflow and the corporate deliverables.
So what are the common things, which add up to delaying the deliverables?

Perfection is not because of an individual; perfection is a mindset that pervades the organisation and is deep-rooted in its culture. If by any chance your organisation's ecosystem were not great, you would forever be in the `work, re-work' loop.Perfectionism is tough to let go of because people tend to see it as a positive trait and are happy in delaying the product. You pride yourself in never being wrong, your perfectionism stems from collecting more data than others do to improve the chances of a fault-free decision and therefore, you detest making decisions early on without complete data. The real test is in being someone who can make decisions with 80 per cent of the data. Trust your intuition a little bit more and with your good experience, you wouldn't stray too far.

One of Murphy's laws says, "The first 90 per cent of the tasks take ten per cent of the time and the other ten per cent take 90 per cent of your time." You believe that keeping things open till the last minute will lead to better decisions and your history is a testimony to the fact. You like working with your team extremely hard in the last leg of the project. According to you, burning the midnight oil with the team makes the team bond better and people who don't subscribe to this thought, are not a good cultural fit; they need to be coached at best or sacked for the common good.

Taking action may involve pushing the envelope, taking chances, charting newer paths and traversing newer terrains. Doing these things does put you at risk, as you will be prone to more misfires and mistakes. However, history says that successful executives have made more mistakes in their career than those who are not so successful.

You believe in measuring risks and taking a cautious approach.Why should you be the one foraying into newer ideas? Your task is to execute along the set-lines and when anything falls outside the boundary, the best thing to do is to wait and watch for others to jump. It is always safer to side with the majority; with this, you can never be blamed.

You firmly believe that the data on hand needs to be analysed and dissected to the `T' and you believe in statistics only.Emotions and beliefs are of no use and should not be used to substitute for analysis. Once you complete the decisions, there are quite a few options and each of those hypotheses need to be tested and simulations need to be run. All this takes time and you fail to understand why the world doesn't understand such a simple need. Decisions are important and the company needs to wait till all the minute details are flushed out.

Don't try to get all the answers, leave some things to fate and put all the pros and cons of your decision on the table for everyone to see and comment on. Take decisions with lesser data using the power of your people network. Don't worry about being successful all the time; it's neither practical nor possible.

The author is an HR consult ant and owner of Humanresourcesblog.in

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7 People who can give you sound relationship advice

Would you take dating advice from your mum? How about a divorced friend? Here are seven relationship gurus in disguise...

Would you take dating tips from your mum, how about your kids, or an ex? Relationship advice from the right sources can help make your search for `the one' that much easier -from finding someone that gets along with your kids to making sure you don't make the same mistakes as your friends. And we're not just talking lessons in love, but tips on what to wear or where to go -especially when you've been asked out last minute.Here are seven people you should take advice from, including your single friend, parents, and yes, your kids.

We're not talking mumsy advice like listen to your gut, or follow your heart -although they'll be plenty of that too. Call on your mum for anything -from is he taking your for granted to are you ready to move in together?

Are you over thinking it? Does he live too far? Do you argue too much? Sometimes you need someone to just spell it out for you -and that's where your sister can come in handy . Plus, she'll be there to take your call if the date goes horribly wrong.

They may not know what you want, but they sure know what they want. If they're young and need someone to fill the male role model gap, find out what type of person they'd like around. If older, rack their brains for ideas on where to take your date -chances are they'll know all the local hotspots.

If married, chances are they're doing something right. Ask for advice if you think your relationship is moving too fast, for second date ideas -or even a double date!

They're no relationship expert, but there's a lesson to be learnt from their break-up. For example, never take him her for granted, be honest, don't fight about money .

Whether she's still searching for `the one' or happy go lucky, chances are she has a few love lessons to share. Get some advice on her previous experiences and ask for some honest advice back -is it time you let your guard down?

Been asked on a date last minute? Call on your work bestie for help. He she will be there to help pick a dress in your lunch break or even pick a place to take your date.

(Daily Mirror)

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How to get over your ex

Written By kom nampultig on Jumat, 19 Desember 2014 | 18.47

And that would be great news if it was you. But what do you do if it's your ex who's moved on first?

We have all been there. A relationship ends usually in tears and numerous fights. And while that hurts, it's nothing compared to the call that you are eventually going to get -one that whispers that your ex has found love again. Whether it's weeks or months, seeing your ex with someone new can (and usually does) pinch. Jealousy, anxiety, bitterness and sleeplessness nights follow.

We don't need experts to tell us this: most of these reactions stem from a bruised ego (how did s/he manage to move on so quickly, right?). However, while a little hurt is expected and normal, if you are consumed by the new relationship stalking them on Facebook, goad ing common friends into talking about them, gloating when they say the new love isn't as good as you -you need to face up to the fact that you are probably not over the relationship.

If that's the boat you find yourself in, Mumbai-based counsellor Dr Rajan Bhonsle says the first step is to accept that the relationship is over. This should have ideally begun when the relationship actually ended. "Once you have formally broken up, the relationship doesn't exist. If you cannot accept it, and feel hurt, rejection and resentment, then you are expecting a reunion. Chances are you will feel hurt at the mention of the ex, if you see him with his new love, or even if you come across his photos or letters."

Face the grieving process. Give yourself a few weeks to heal. "If it takes many months, you should realise that you are stuck and unable to release your emotions," he adds.

Don't reconnect
If they are only just in the dating stages it's unlikely that your ex-partner is going to call you. However, if you have been married or have a child together, or s/he is planning to commit more seriously, there's a good chance they'd want to be the first to tell you.

Recently, 36-year-old actor Hollywood Ashton Kutcher called exwife Demi Moore to let her know that he and fiancee Milla Kuni are expect ing a child. Given the bitter nature of their break-up, counsellors say Kutcher's behaviour was uncalled for. Re-connecting with an ex is best avoided. Bhonsle says, "If your ex is trying to reconnect, it means he/she is trying to show off his/her new status. When we counsel couples, we suggest the split is complete and clean." This means getting rid of their gifts, photographs, letters, messages and anything that reminds you of them. Not doing this, says Bhonsle, only delays the healing process.

Along with breaking it off with your partner, cut off links with common friends -for a while at least. Unfriend them on all social networking sites. If you bump into them, say a polite hello and walk away. Your aim is to not allow any information about the lovebirds to leak into your life.

Meet new people
The first reaction when you hear of an ex's new love is to drown the sorrow in alcohol and throw yourself at the first person who says hello. While that's not advisable, there's some real direction here.

Your former lover finding a new love is probably the best sign you are ever going to get that this relationship is over. So, why not go out and meet some new men/women?

That guy who has been asking you on a date forever? This might be a good time to say yes. It doesn't have to lead anywhere or end in an ever-lasting relationship, but you need to get out there, have a good time and start feeling attractive again.

Considering kids
Relationships that have gone sour get further complicated when children and new lovers are thrown into the mix.

If you thought it would be easier if you allow your kids to first accept the second partner, then, says psychologist and coun sellor Salma Prabhu, you are living in a filmy bubble. "That's not how it works in real life since both the ex and the new partner have a lot of emotions to deal with. Keeping the children away from the new partner is a good step till you and they are ready," she advises.

Once you have made your peace with the situation, try and meet the new man/woman in your ex's life. Arrange for a lunch/dinner at your place or theirs. Getting along with the person your ex is dating makes life easier for everyone involved.


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Childhood nightmares may lead to suicide

Children who are bullied suffer in silence and the trauma may lead to anxiety, depression, psychotic episodes and even suicide, an alarming study has indicated.

Researchers from Warwick University maintain that nightmares or night terrors are more common among 12-year-olds who had earlier reported being bullied when they were eight and 10 years.

Victims of bullying at a tender age are at greater risk of experiencing sleep disturbances later.

"Nightmares are relatively common in childhood, while night terrors occur in up to 10 percent of children," said Suzet Tanya Lereya, lead author and research fellow at University of Warwick.

If children have nightmares, parents should know that this may be related to experiences of being bullied by peers, and it provides them with an opportunity to talk with their child about it.

"There may be a way to identify victims of bullying before they experience serious mental health problems," Lereya noted.

Lereya and Dieter Wolke analysed data where 6,438 children aged eight and 10 years were interviewed about bullying and parasomnias, including nightmares, night terrors and sleep walking, when they turn 12.

"Our findings indicate that being bullied is a significant stress/trauma that leads to increased risk of sleep arousal problems, such as nightmares or night terrors," maintained Wolke, a professor of developmental psychology and individual differences at University of Warwick.

Those who were both a victim and a bully were much more likely to have any parasomnia, but bullies were not at increased risk of a sleep disturbance.

The study was recently presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies (PAS) annual meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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Winter fashion: Match hairstyle with beard

Those who took part in Movember, an annual event involving the growing of moustaches to raise awareness about men's health issues, can continue growing their facial hair and match it with the right hairstyle.

Winter is the perfect time to grow out a beard. From side fringe to long hair, celebrity hairstylist Asgar Saboo shares tips on how to match your hairstyle with beard.

The tips are as follows:

Side fringe hairstyle with short and shaggy beard: With Geek chic continuing to grow in popularity, a side fringe is the perfect hairstyle to accompany a short shaggy beard. The beard will add a masculine touch to your side fringe hairstyle. In order to really make this look work, ensure that the sides of your hair are kept at a reasonable length and allow your fringe to grow to the point that it can be swept to the side effectively.

Short and slick hair with stubble beard: For short and slick hair, the person who always comes to mind is Ryan Gosling, whose hair suits his short well-kept stubble perfectly. By having a smart hairstyle, the stubble adds a touch of masculinity and still maintains a casual look. Perfect for work and play.

The top knot hairstyle with trimmed and shaped beard: This style for men's hair really rocketed in 2014 with celebrities such as Colin Farrell and Bradley Cooper showcasing the look. This look is perfect for those not wishing to spend too much time scrutinising their facial hair. Be sure to keep your facial hair trimmed and well-shaped, as this will ensure you maintain a relatively smart appearance whilst retaining that on-trend edge.

Long hair with full long beard : The long swept back hair has been brought to our attention after Chris Hemsworth showed off its full potential. When sweeping the hair back behind your ears, a full beard is recommended. The main issue with this look is that you can often look too casual, bordering on scruffy. By shaping your beard regularly and keeping your hair swept back neatly, this look will become diverse enough to match with a smart suit.


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How robots are bringing about a new lifestyle!

With robotics bridging the gap between technology and the way we live, it's all about a human-humanoid interaction now.
Exploring new frontiers

The Antarctic has long been a worry for scientists as to how they would learn more about the sea there, but in recent news, a robot has allowed scientists to map the sea ice in 3D. Jaguar, a 300-pound yellow robotic vehicle helped them gain valuable information on the thickening of the ice. Industrial robots are also building cars and other transport. And when it comes to finding out more about the tricky, hostile environment of space, it's the robots that have to be credited with the exploring. Robotic missions have been sent to the Moon, Mars, Venus, Titan and Jupiter. This May, in a giant leap in engineering, robot Dextre (by the Canadian Space Agency) repaired the International Space Station's Canadian robotic arm in space.


Say hello to the army of robo-chefs! Fancy a machine serving you a virgin mojito? Did you know, as per reports this November, a 'smart' Caribbean cruise liner had robots mixing drinks in what is called the world's first 'smart ship'. As patrons place orders on tablets and a wall displays their wait time, the jerky, drink-mixing bots used mechanical arms to pull down bottles, adding mixes, shaking and stirring.

In Harbin, China, robots have been serving tables at an eatery. They dish up dumplings, noodles and wait on diners. As per a report, when someone walks in, they say, 'Earth person hello. Welcome to the Robot Restaurant.' Once the orders are placed, the robots get into the kitchen and cook the meals. Two Chinese students at a university also came up with a 'wok robot' that can dish up 600 dishes! A Japanese firm has come up with an engineering masterpiece — a six speed sushi-making robot — capable of churning 2,500 pieces of sushi per hour!

And it's not just terra firma, you can expect to be served by a flying robot — the first commercial attempt of its kind — by the end of 2015! The demo was presented this November to Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and these futuristic automated waiters are set to be launched at an outlet in Singapore then.

Helping at home

This is how tech-savvy equipment is going to change basic domestic chores and make life easier for you! The Cocorobo, a Japanese premium vacuum robot, that's part of the smart home system, cleans your floors, tells you the weather and more. The Scooba can vacuum and wash floors at the same time. There are also window cleaners and lawn mowers as well as robot pool cleaners. And if you're tired with all that cooking on a weeknight, Armar can come to the rescue! Called a 'kitchen companion', he fetches stuff from the fridge and does the dishes too!

Correct your golf swing

Always regretted that bad swing that has been spoiling your golf game? Now, a 10-feet-tall robot in South Seattle called RoboGolfPro, wants to help you. It can be programmed in a various ways to allow golfers to realise the correct move and thus improve their game.

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Get sparkling white teeth before wedding day

Whitening of teeth is the latest must-do activity for the majority of brides-to-be, according to new research.

The survey, conducted by dental care brand Bupa Dental, reveals that more than one in four brides-to-be plan to have their teeth whitened before their big day, reports femalefirst.co.uk.

Two in five Bupa dentists have noticed an increase in brides and grooms asking for teeth whitening. Rates seem to be rising sharply, with one in four of those currently planning their wedding, saying they will have their teeth whitened, compared to one in eight people who got married within the last three years.

The study also found that nearly one in ten people planning their wedding, intend to get their teeth straightened before their special day.

Also, when asked about their wedding photos, those planning their wedding felt that having yellow teeth in the pictures would be one of their worst nightmares. People who were already married listed crooked teeth among the things they regret when looking back at their wedding album.

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